Everything You Need to Know to Have Fun at WordCamp Omaha

WordCamp Omaha 2016 is finally here! Thank you again to all of our sponsors, speakers and volunteers for making it happen! We’re excited to see you all. Here are a few things you need to know to enhance your experience …

Check-in & location

Join us at (or after) 8:45 a.m. tomorrow at the Institute for Culinary Arts building on Metropolitan Community College’s Fort Omaha Campus (30th and Fort streets; map) for check-in, coffee and networking. The fun will be taking place on the second floor; there are stairs immediately to the left of the main entrance of the building and an elevator available straight ahead from the entrance.

The first sessions will begin promptly at 10 a.m.

Code of conduct

We aim to make WordCamp a fun experience for all and ask that participants refrain from, basically, jerky behavior. Check our code of conduct if you have any questions about what’s expected, and please report any violations to organizers, who will be wearing red badges. You can also send an email to omaha@wordcamp.org.

Social media

Join the conversation! Share your experiences with other attendees and the world with the hashtag #WCOma and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Recording policy

There will be photographers and sessions will be recorded. If you are uncomfortable with your image being used, please use one of the “no photo” stickers provided at check-in on your badge.


Lunch will be provided by MCC’s Institute for Culinary Arts staff, and it’s going to be tasty. The main dish does have chicken, but there will be a vegetarian option provided, and gluten-free & vegan options available upon request (we’ve reserved some of these meals already, based on your ticket-questionnaire responses).


Pick up your t-shirt (and badge) from the registration table when you come in. There will be sponsor tables just behind the registration table that will also provide some goodies, so check them out as well.

Session schedule

The full session schedule (both days) is provided within your badge and online here.

Have fun, get to know folks, and learn about WordPress. Happy WordCamp-ing!

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